Dangerous Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

Dangerous Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, mothers need an adequate rest as well as good eating pattern. However, as the stomach grows, sleep becomes awry. Besides having difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position, pregnant women also often worry that their sleeping position can interfere with the condition of the fetus. Now, so that mothers can sleep peacefully, here are dangerous sleep positions that must be avoided:

1. sleeping on your backs on the Second Trimester

In the second trimester, pregnant women should not sleep on their backs. The reason is because this position will make the entire weight of the uterus resting on the back. This condition will press the veins that function to restore blood flow to the heart. The supine sleeping position for a long time can also inhibit blood flow to the fetal placenta. In the long run, this position can trigger malnutrition and even death in the fetus.

Besides endangering the fetus, this sleeping position also has a negative impact on the health of pregnant women. Sleeping on your back in the second trimester can increase some risk. For examples digestive disorders, back pain, hemorrhoids, respiratory and circulatory disorders. Thus, pregnant women who suffer from hypertension should avoid sleep in a supine position because it can affect blood pressure.

2. Sleep on your back with the Head Position Higher

Some pregnant women often sleep on their backs with pillows on their heads so that the head is higher. They do this to get more comfortable position. The truth is, pregnant women should not do this. Because, this will reduce the flow of oxygen for pregnant women. This sleeping position also puts considerable pressure on the liver, placenta, kidneys, and back of pregnant women.

3. Sleep Tilted Right

The next sleeping position which is also dangerous for pregnant women is tilted to the right. Mothers need to know that this sleeping position will make all the weight of the mother and fetus move to the right side of the body, so that it can put great pressure on the pregnant mother’s liver. Sleeping on your right can cause the intake of nutrients for the fetus to be reduced.

According to researchers from the University of Auckland, mother who sleep tilt the right will increase the risk of a miscarriage or the baby dies after birth. Because this sleep position causes blood flow to the fetus to be hampered. So, mothers should not sleep on their right side during pregnancy.

4. Sleeping on stomach

Pregnant women should not do this sleeping position. For women whose gestational age is still in the early days may still be able to sleep on their stomach. However, as the development of the fetus makes the mother’s abdomen grow bigger, it is no longer possible for the mother to sleep in this position. Besides being uncomfortable, sleeping on his stomach will also suppress and endanger the condition of the fetus.

5. Sleep with the Leg Position Higher

At the age of the first trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant women feel tired quickly, so they decide to sleep by placing pillows on the legs to be taller. This sleeping position is also not recommended, because it can narrow the fetal space and cause the fetus to lack of oxygen.

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