Is it true that pregnant Woman can allowed to have a diet?

Can You Diet When Pregnant

Weight gain in women who are pregnant is not a strange thing. Most of the extra weight is the weight of the fetus in the woman’s stomach. However, some women are still in shock and it is difficult to accept these changes. As a result, pregnant women do some strict diet. However, is it safe for a pregnant women to go on a diet?

Doctors are not recommend pregnant women to have diet. Because in some diet methods, there are usually rules to limit one or two types of food. That can cause pregnant women to experience malnutrition alias malnutrition.

During pregnancy, both need mother and fetus adequate nutrition. Adequacy of nutrition will determine and assist how the development of the fetus during the womb until delivery. Therefore, it is not permissible for a pregnant woman to go on a diet that has the potential to prevent the adequacy of nutrients being fulfill.

Why does weight gain occur in pregnant women?

It is not limited to the presence of the fetus in the body which causes the weight of pregnant women to increase. During pregnancy, mothers also need to eat more portions, not only for themselves but also for the fetus. This of course will come into effect.

Instead of trying a diet, it’s better for mothers to adopt the right diet while pregnant. It doesn’t need to be too much but don’t limit it too much. Quoting the Baby Center for a long time, even if you feed two people, doesn’t mean you have to eat more.

The reason is, according some study pregnant women who eat too much and experience excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be dangerous. This condition can cause the baby to be born to have a weight that exceeds the normal limit and the potential for complications for both parties.

A healthy diet that you can try during pregnancy is to maintain a balanced type of food. In addition, start to apply the frequency of eating frequently but with small portions. In essence, try not to hold hunger for too long, because it can make it difficult for mothers to control their appetite and end up eating too much.

Also make sure the type of food that the mother consumes is rich in nutrients. Like fiber, vitamins and minerals needed by mothers and prospective babies. Start by eating lots of nuts, wheat, vegetables and fruit.

Variations in diet can also be a secret to maintaining healthy content. That’s why, mothers are encouraged to consume at least three types of foods rich in iron in one meal. Foods that are a source of iron are cereals, spinach and meat.

For that, it’s good to postpone plans to go on a diet until the mother gives birth. Because in fact the food consumed during pregnancy plays an important role in fetal development. In addition, healthy food and nutrition that are fulfilled will be a provision for mothers in facing the period of pregnancy until preparation for delivery.

Just believe, the mother’s weight will return to normal and decrease with time after childbirth. Busyness taking care of babies can also be a way to restore the weight of the mother. Then enjoy all the processes that mothers experience during pregnancy.

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