5 Types of Food to Increase Child Weight
5 Types of Food to Increase Child Weight

5 Types of Food to Increase Children with Low Body Weight

Low body weight in children is one of the most sensitive indicators of nutrition. When the child’s weight is below that of his peers, this indicates that the mother is lacking in a balanced nutritional intake. In children with low body weight, they will have underweight compared to height and age. To get around children with low weight, mothers can provide the following types of food!

Foods with High Calories

Children aged 2-3 years need around 1,000 kcal per day, while children aged 4-8 years need about 1,200-1,400 kcal every day. To increase body weight, mothers need to add calorie intake of 500 kcal of the total calorie needs per day. If mothers do it regularly, then the child will gain 5 ounces of weight per week.

Foods with High Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are a good source of calories. Although it’s not as good as fat, giving high-carbohydrate snacks to low-weight children will help increase body weight. In this connection, the mother can give him raisins, dried fruits, or granola.

For each 250 grams of the snacks contains 240 kcal. If you don’t like it to be consumed directly, you can work around this by making smoothies, puddings, cereals, or yogurt. For sweetness, the mother can add honey or fruit juice that the child likes.

Foods with Fat Content

Adding fat intake to children’s food is the easiest step to increase low body weight in children. The reason is, 1 gram of fat contains more calories than other sources of nutrition, such as carbohydrates. In this connection, the mother can give olive oil and granola, butter, or mayonnaise as children’s food.

To process it, the mother only needs to add 1 tablespoon of the food ingredients. That way, the number of calories in a child’s body will increase by as much as 45-120 kcal. To increase her appetite, she can give cream sauce or mozzarella cheese to their food.

Eat Regularly with Larger Portions

In this case, mothers need to pay attention to the child’s feeding time. Never skip meals, because the child will lose enough calorie intake to balance his daily activities. For children with low weight, mothers can work around this by eating three or four days in larger portions.

Mother can serve a portion of food with milk in a large glass, or a large bowl of cereal with fruits that children’s liked. That way, children eat well, and body weight increases faster.

Drinks with Calories

If the mother has children who are less fond of eating, she can help increase her weight with calorie intake from drinks, such as fruit juices, milk, smoothies, or yogurt. These foods are rich in healthy fats, and can also be used as additional nutritional intake. To choose milk that is good for increasing a child’s weight, the mother can see the calorie content listed on the packaging.


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